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We are so happy to see smiling faces coming through the door!!!
Come on in and to take a look around and meet the crew!

There are always beautiful quilts on the frames and a warm welcome.

We love being here, and we are certain you will love it, too!

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Ann is our Manager of Operations and one of our talented longarm quilters here at Quilt Love Longarm. Originally hailing from Boston, she brings us more than 30 years of quilting experience and an accent she can’t hide, despite the fact that she’s been in Florida for more than 20 years now. A wife to one and mom to three (plus one tiny dog she loves more than all of them), Ann stays busy keeping everyone organized and fed while also amassing a ridiculous hoard of fabrics (she can’t get enough Tula Pink, Lella Boutique, or V & Co.). She’s created countless quilts of her own over the years for friends, relatives, and charity events, as well as quilting others’ pieces from her home business. Her dog isn’t too happy that she’s not working at home anymore, but her family is so happy that her massive Innova longarm machine isn’t in the house anymore.



Meet Krissy, our Manager of Everything Else and a longarm quilter at Quilt Love Longarm! With over 25 years of quilting under her belt, she infuses every stitch with a passion for vibrant textiles. Since 1999, Krissy has professionally transformed thousands of quilts, earning numerous ribbons for her work. For over two decades, she's quilted for others and loves to share the joy with others through teaching various quilting techniques including longarm education. Inspired by her mother-in-law's quilting legacy, Krissy's love for fabrics has bloomed into a beautiful art form. Krissy is always thrilled to welcome new quilt enthusiasts into the fold. She lives with her husband and son who are becoming concerned about the sheer quantity of quilting supplies in their home.

As the Office Manager at Quilt Love Longarm, Cindy brings an elegant flair to the studio. She is a native Floridian and embarked on her quilting journey in 2006. Her passion for quilting was ignited during a visit to Maine when she stumbled upon Marden's, a store akin to Florida's Tractor Supply but with a delightful twist – fabric! Intrigued, she delved into traditional quilting at first, but her creative spirit soon craved something more. This led her to explore Native American Quilting, where she experimented with bold, plain colors and batiks. She has created many quilts for her cherished family and friends. A proud member of various local Guilds, Cindy is always on the lookout for innovative quilting techniques and artistic endeavors. She has a particular fondness for batik fabrics and Grunge from Moda, as well as fabrics designed by Tula and Victoria Findlay Wolfe, enjoying how each adds a unique touch to her creations. Recently, Cindy has been delving into Shibori & Marble dying, wool felting, and other exciting techniques, constantly expanding her quilting repertoire. Beyond her love for quilting, Cindy has a family she adores, with her husband of 28 years, their four children, and two grandchildren. She encourages you to visit Quilt Love Longarm, where our team can transform any hand or machine projects into “stunning works of art”!