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Custom quilting is quilting designed to enhance separate parts of your work. Custom quilting includes all of the following showcased options. It is completely adaptable to your needs, so these examples are in no way an exhaustive list of options. If you want it, just ask! We are happy to consult and work with you.

Custom quilting starts with simple avoidance. If you have details on your quilt that you would not like the quilting pattern to cross over, we gotcha covered! With your clear instructions, we are able to create just what you need.

The adorable quilt pictured at left included an animal in each block. We applied an allover design in the background with the added  customized, simple request of not going over them with the quilting design, and stitched each animal with some customized lines of stitching to even out quilting density.

Custom quilting on a heavily appliqued quilt can work similarly. Applied elements are avoided unless areas are too large, in which case, stitching is applied that enhances additional features of an applique.

All applique on the quilt shown here was stitched as close as possible to the edges  of each applique piece in order to create dimension.

Custom quilting includes a rich and adaptable set of options to enhance your piece. Certain quilts call for special treatments to enhance and complement the time you have invested in your project. We can collaborate to highlight the piecing design of your quilt with well considered designs and exceptional skill.

This beautiful quilt has been custom quilted to focus attention on all of the intricate piecing involved in a QuiltWorx project.

You can see more of our custom quilting in our Quilt Gallery.